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  • 朴素的午后2点 (2 o’clock on a plain afternoon)

  • 门外的风吹 (The wind outside the door)

  • 一枚落叶覆盖深秋的夜晚 (Deep autumn night under a fallen leaf)

  • 我要种一片自由的时光 (Time, unshackled)

  • 透过冬天望见漫山桃花 (Peach blossom vision on a winter’s day)

  • 诗里的江湖 (Jianghu in Poetry)

  • 我想写下那一片辽阔里的寂静 (Capturing silence in the vast expanse)

  • 选择在一场风里与你道别 (Choosing to say farewell in the wind)

  • 已然 深秋 (Already, autumn is old)

  • 我是谁 (Who am I?)

  • 太阳的火 月亮的冰 (Sun’s fire, Moon’s ice)

  • 2015年11月27日 我等待一场雨 (November 27th, 2015: Awaiting the Rain)

  • 词语里有清晰的风向 (The wind’s direction, clear-cut in words)

  • 美好的细节有春风 (Spring breeze in wonderful details)

  • 我的欢喜是寂静的 (Silent is my joy)

  • 需要娓娓道出的情绪(组诗)Moods calling for leisurely articulation (from a collection)

  • 涂抹 (Painting)

  • 拐角 (Around the corner)

  • 窗外 (Outside the window)

  • 注视暮色里的一场雨 (The rain at dusk)

  • 有美意在行走着的夏天 (Goodness sauntering under a summer’s sky)

  • 玫瑰在路上 (Rose on the road)

  • 沉默如鱼 (Silent as a fish)

  • 朝向秋天的窗户 (Window onto autumn)

  • 清晨,有热爱的朝露 (Dawn arrives with my beloved dew)

  • 词语的安慰 (Comfort in words)

  • 有什么正和时光一起到来 (Something is coming along with Time)

  • 有些美正在远离 (Away sails something beautiful)

  • 心情 ・ 浮日 (Feelings: The Fleeting Days)

  • 我将是哪一片即将老去的叶子 (Which leaf shall I be when old age beckons? )

  • 每朵玫瑰都有着自己的身世 (Each rose comes with her own tale)

  • 我的悲伤无与伦比 (Incomparable is my sorrow)

  • 坐在与玫瑰相对的位置 (Seated opposite a rose)

  • 春天有备而来(Spring comes fully prepared)

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